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Thailand International Guitar Festival and Compettition 2018
9-11 November 2018

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Bangkok Guitar Society (BGS) is the organization of Thai Classical Guitarists
who would like to create and see the popularity of both playing and listening
to the music of classical guitar among Thai people.
We all know that to upgrade the standard of guitar playing is not so easy task to accomplish.
However, we believe that the long distance of journey always start from the first step.
To make more Thai people love to listen to classical guitar is one part of our missions.
Probably, this may begin by a popular song or a Thai song transcribed for classical guitar
as you can see from our recordings both CD's and tapes.

If you are interested in classical guitar and would like to know us
or join us in any activities concerned with classical guitar such as arrangement of a guitar concert,
information exchange etc., please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are happy to know our friends from any parts of the world.

Those who would like to join BGS activities or be a member are welcome,
regardless of your age, race or nation.
You may know nothing about how to play classical guitar or be a novice of classical guitar player.
BGS is another alternative and right choice for you since we are
"The Center of Classical Guitar Lovers."

Kamol Achariyasart
Founder of BGS


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Kamol Achariyasart
Founder of the Bangkok Guitar Society

Born in 1955, LL.B. graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University,
Mr. Kamol has devoted himself to the world of guitar music
instead of spending more time on his major of study.
He always tries to practise and improve his knowledge
and skill as a classical guitarist.
He started to learn classical guitar with Mr. Satien Sangsuebchart for one year
before continuing for self study.
After the period of serious practice,
he could pass grade 8 of the first group of Trinity College of Music
and was recognized as the first group of Thai classical guitarists
who participated inthe Trinity College of Music examination.
He also spent his time for touring in European Countries
where the origin of classical guitar was established and developed.
Thus, this improved his understanding in classical guitar
and strengthen his experience.
In 1976, he started his work at Siam Kolkarn Music School
in teaching the new generation of
Thai classical guitarist with fast career advancement.
He was also invited to be a special teacher or lecturer in classical guitar subject
at the faculty of music,Srinakarinwiroj University during 1982 - 1984
and Mahidol University in 1999 for graduate student
and Chulalongkorn University in 2001
With the desire to upgrade the standard of Thai classical guitar
and promoted all concerned activities without the concentration on profit making,
Mr. Kamol and his team are determined to devote and utilize
his skills and experiences for the progress
and development of classical guitar in Thailand.


Nutavut Ratanakarn
President of Bangkok Guitar Society

Born 1981 in Thailand, Nutavut began his guitar lesson at 17. Hisprincipal teachers are Vidhaya Vosbein, Kamol Adshariyasart, and Leon Koudelak. He was a prize winner in Thailand Yamaha Competition 1998 and 1999, Thailand Classical Guitar Competition 1999 arranged by Bangkok Guitar Society, and Thailand International Guitar Competition 2003. In early 2003, He graduated with first-class honor from Kasetsart University majoring in Classical Guitar Performance.He also received diploma from "Ligita" (Liechtenstein) and "Wien 2004" .He has participated in numerous master classes with many world-class and international guitarists, such as Alvaro Pierri, Eduarado Fernandez, Costas Cotsiolis, Paulo Bellinati, Pavel Steidl, Konrad Ragossnig, William Bower, Phillipe Villa, Jorgos Panetsos, Alessio Monti, Jury Clormann, Gareth Koch, Tomas Offermann, Jozef Zsapka ..
In 2002-2003 He play Guitar Concerto " Concerto De Aranjuez " With Bangkok Wind Symphony. He is member Bangkok Guitar Quartet play concert in International Thailand Guitar Festival 2003.He has given many concerts and recitals in Thailand, Liechtenstein, Austria and has one record, "the Art of Spain"

contact - Nutavut Ratanakarn
Tel : 668-91076561
e-mail :

Thailand International Guitar Festival and Compettition 2018
9-11 November 2018

contact - Nutavut Ratanakarn
Tel : 668-91076561
e-mail :